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New Year

Please take note of the operating hours
during the festive holidays!
Cold Storage (#01-02): Open 24-hr on all days
Da Paolo Gastronomia (#01-01/01A)
Open daily 7.30am - 10pm
Plain Vanilla (#01-03A)
15th Feb (Thur) 8am - 4pm
16th & 17th Feb (Fri to Sat) Closed
EGA Juice Clinic (#01-04A)
Open daily 8am - 7pm
The Affogato Bar (#01-04B)
13th Feb (Tue) 8am - 3.30pm
14th Feb (Wed) 8am - 11pm
15th & 16th Feb (Thur & Fri) 8am -3.30pm
17th Feb (Sat) 8am - 7pm
Bar Bar Black Sheep (#01-05C):
Open daily
Relish (#02-01)
15th-18th Feb (Thurs to Sun) Closed
19th Feb (Mon): Resume operations at 12 noon
Simply Bread (#02-07 / #01-01C)
15th - 17th Feb (Thur to Sat) 8am -5pm
The Room by Nail Bar @Cluny (#02-25)
15th - 21st Feb (Thurs to Wed) Closed
All Other Retail Shops:
15th Feb (Thur): 10am - 3pm
16th & 17th Feb (Fri to Sat): Closed

Located by UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Botanic Gardens of Singapore, Cluny Court offers a unique and eclectic selection of shops, services and businesses, housed within an historical conservation building.

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