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Venue: #02-13 Cluny Court

25 Aug 2017 (Friday) 


1.45 pm – 2.30 pm

Zoe MacDonald from The Fishwives

"Gut-repair and Foods to Heal"

2.45 pm – 3.30 pm

Senior Physiotherapist Calvin Goh from MyPhysio

"Exercise Exactly – Leg Injury Prevention: Precise & Efficient Stretching"

3.45 pm – 4.30 pm

Dr Cheryl Kam from Mint Medical Centre

"How to protect ourselves against stress and fatigue"

26 Aug 2017 (Saturday) 


10.00 am - 10.45 am

Gwendolyn Thornhill from Yoga Therapy

"Basics of meditation and body awareness in yoga"

11.00 am – 11.45 am

Dr Ratheesh CT from EGA Juice Clinic

"Food as medicine"

2.00 pm – 2.45 pm

Dr Sara Delia Menon and Cristina Gonzalez from Alliance Counselling

"Social Anxiety - Myths, Facts and Helpful Tips for Teenagers and Adults"

3.00 pm – 3.45 pm

Jacqueline Yu from Basic Essence

"Introduction to Sowa Rigpa, the Tibetan Science of Health & Healing"


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